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A simple and cost effective alternative to our brand name laptop security cables. It works just as well and it will cost much less!
The innovative and patented design of the PC Guardian Ezolution Lock makes keeping valuable equipment safe from theft easier and more secure than ever before.
Ideal for users who prefer the convenience of keyless security and the ability to choose their own combinations.
The PC Guardian Ezolution Expansion System offers push-button convenience and patented SecureGrip technology with the flexibility of a mobile and expandable anti-theft system.
This simple and low profile anchor fastens to the track on a cubicle wall partition and is quickly installed and uninstalled.
Missing that "immovable object" to secure your MicroSaver locking system? Now you can make any surface an immovable object.
Protect your notebook and monitor with this double lock-head security system.
Specifically designed for the mobile professional, MicroSaver Retractable combines premium notebook security with an easy-to-use design.
Deter thieves from stealing your notebook and the personal information on it.
The Perma Dome Cable Anchor provides a secure and permanent anchor point for any security cable.
Deter thieves from stealing your notebook and the personal information on it.
Losing your notebook is unthinkable. Protect your computer with incomparable security, the disc lock.
Your notebook is a source of sensitive data and it should be secured with this keyless 4-wheel combination lock.
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