Security Solutions of Canada Inc. opened its doors in June 1991. Originally named AMI Support Computers, a consulting firm dealing with the generalities of the computer world, we had a unique focus on computer security. The computer security division grew until it became our main focus. Security Solutions of Canada Inc. was born in April 1994.
Taking advantage of the best of chemical and metallurgic technology, Security Solutions offers the toughest computer anti-theft systems. A full line of security devices attach the computer to its location using a technique that is impenetrable when in use, yet, can be made portable if needed. In addition, Security Solutions can lock the computer cover to prevent its removal so that memory chips, CPUs and other internal devices are safe. Locks for floppy drives secure the computer against viruses and unauthorized file transfers. A full range of surge protection devices, static prevention devices and uninterrupted power supplies prevent accidental damage, data loss, and downtime.

There is nothing like that awful feeling you get when you arrive at your home or office to find that you have been robbed. Your heart skips a beat as you glance across your computer desk thinking to yourself; "Where are my backups?" "This can't be possible, I have a report saved on my hard drive that is due today!" "How am I going to operate my business without my computer?" "My insurance deductible is higher than the value of my computer. I can't claim it, and I can't afford a new one!" "The cost of downtime and recreating my data is going to really hurt my business." "If the information on my hard drive falls into the wrong hands, I'm finished!" "WHERE IS MY COMPUTER?"
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