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Keeping your laptop safe?

Security is always in layers, and laptop locks are one of the most important of those layers. Most laptop thefts are thefts of convenience. Most thefts are not targeted.

That’s why you always need to lock you laptop with wherever you go. It’s just a matter of making a habit of it.

Keep the key on your key chain that you use daily. Most people are tired of carrying around large key rings and make a mission of narrowing down the amount keys they carry on a daily basis. You may think, “well I don't use the laptop lock every day, so ill just leave this key in my bag” and take it when I need it.

If you travel with your laptop more then once a week, then you need to add that key to your daily key ring. If you almost never take your laptop with you, you should always have your laptop secured with your laptop lock to your desk at your home or office.

What if I lose the keys?

We have several options to save you in this situation. Including master keyed options, keyed alike options and recording key numbers.

Of course, you can always use a combination lock.

What if I forget my combination?

Again, we have options including master coded combination locks, and digital combination decrypting tools.

When taking your laptop out of the office or your home, you need to make a habit of locking it. When you set your laptop up at your next stop no matter where it is, clients office, or coffee shop, you should pull out your laptop lock and use it.

What can I attach my laptop lock to?

A table leg, preferable one that is bolted to the ground. However if your laptop lock is attached to a table that is not bolted to the ground it is highly unlikely that a thief is going to steel the table.

Make sure you do not lock it to a leg that is easy to lift. You don't want a thief to slip the cable off the bottom of the leg. Look for a cross beam or support that is attached at both ends.

Most coffee shop tables have a large heavy disk at the bottom of a single leg. This would be a good choice to use with your laptop lock.

You can also use something as simple as the arm of a chair. In my years of being in the computer anti-theft business I have never heard of someone steeling a chair just because it was locked to a laptop.

Be careful when locking to a chair. If you do, the security cable will be strung across one side of you. If you get up quickly on that side you may hit the laptop cable and in a worst case you may fling your laptop onto the floor.

Please, make it a habit!!!

The import point here to remember is to make a habit of using your laptop lock. It is easy to overlook it because you don't need the laptop lock to make the computer work. You take out your laptop, next comes that power cord, then you think to yourself:

“I'll pull out the laptop lock if I need to leave it for a minute, I don't need it now”

Sooner or later you will get up and leave you laptop alone. An old friend may walk in and you will get up to say hello, you will need to get up to get a napkin, or the worst thing I see regularly is when you get up to go to the bathroom and ask a complete stranger to watch your laptop for you. This is onlny acceptable if you also locked your laptop with your laptop lock.

Remember... Your back only needs to be turned for 2 seconds for your laptop to go missing.

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For our full listing of laptop locks click here:
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